Session / Presenter
Location / Time
Jun 07
Sun - 2020
[Master Class Poetry – 90 minutes] Imagistic Endurance
Jenny Johnson
10:10am to 11:40am

Presenter: Jenny Johnson

What is your relationship to looking? What are your strategies for conveying what you
see, picture, or imagine through language? How long do you hold the gaze in your work?
And what might happen if you held it longer, if you kept looking, if you chose not to look
away? We will turn to a range of models for tips on seeing—Robin Wall Kimmerer’s
sustained attention to moss in Gathering Moss, and poems by Kamilah Aisha Moon and
Tommye Blount. Of course, we will do some writing, too.

NOTE: Before class students will read a short essay by Robin Wall Kimmerer called, "Learning to See."