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Writing Fiction

Session / Presenter
Location / Time
Jun 05
Fri - 2020
Using the Power of Myth to Energize Your Stories
Christopher Ernest Vogler
1:00pm to 4:30pm

Presenter: Christopher Ernest Vogler

Mythic stories touch us deeply with their rich imagery, associations and appeal to the senses. Hollywood story consultant Christopher Vogler will guide you through the labyrinth of mythic and fairy tale structures, and will offer techniques for accessing the hidden power of these ancient and beloved story forms. Writing exercises will show how you can involve the whole array of the senses to stir strong emotions in the bodies and minds of your readers.

Jun 06
Sat - 2020
Using Regional Folklore and Local History in Creating New Fiction
Jez Lowe
1:40pm to 3:10pm

Presenter: Jez Lowe

Musician and songwriter Jez Lowe hails from North Eastern England, a region steeped in folklore and with a turbulent history of border conflict and industrial turmoil. Much as he has done in his 40 year musical career, Jez has tapped into his regional heritage when producing both of his recent novels, The Dillen Doll in 2017 and The Corly Croons in 2020. His fictional characters inhabit an accurate social context, where historical events fuel the immediate plot and encourage the overall development of the story. While Jez embraces the gifts of such strong inspiration, he is also keen to attest to both the advantages and hazards of such an approach. He will be examining these contrasting attitudes in his work and will also be encouraging his audience to consider their own regional heritage and how it might be applied to their own writing.

Jun 07
Sun - 2020
Who Says?: A Discussion of Point of View in Fiction
Lisa Zeidner
2:50pm to 3:50pm

Presenter: Lisa Zeidner

An introduction to the complexities of fictional point of view. It's much more than just "I" or "He"! We'll discuss how point of view shades the story, as well as what you can do--and can't do--once you choose.