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Syllabus for Credit Option

Rutgers Writers' Conference: Introduction to Literary Studies
(01:358:206, section B6)

Instructor: Alex Dawson
(alexander.dawson@rutgers.edu or raconteurbooks@gmail.com)

For students with serious projects underway. In addition to craft, the course considers (as does the conference) the practical product of writing i.e. “the book” and its pragmatic launch (via traditional, independent, or private print publishing and/or e-book) into the reading world. 

  1. Students are to attend an initial group meeting during which they will declaim first pages, discuss specific ms goals as well as general professional and artistic writing goals, and submit their initial 10 pg ms excerpts. Friday, June 1 (time TBD by group)
  2. Students are to attend all conference sessions.
  3. Students are to post thoughtful (but informal) responses to each conference session (min 250 words) on the class blog (TBA)
  4. Students are to attend a post-conference group meeting to discuss conference impressions/takeaways. 5:30, Sun. June 3.
  5. Students are to use the weekdays immediately following the conference to revise their 10 pg ms excerpt (in light of craft counsel gleaned from conference sessions). Students should use Track Changes so that revised ms can be printed/submitted with Markup.
  6. Students are to submit revised 10 pg ms by Friday, June 8. Revised ms should indicate revisions (use Track Changes & Print Markup).
  7. Students are to attend a final, one-on-one session with the instructor to discuss revised ms and professional/creative writing goals (Final sessions will accommodate the student's calendar and are to be scheduled in collaboration with the student.  Sessions may be in person or via video chat.)

Note: This course embraces (and, indeed, revels in) all genres (as does the conference), as well as MG & YA (which are categories, not genres).