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An Agent's Guide to Self-Editing

When an agent is reviewing your book, they are not only assessing the quality of the writing and the intensity of the story, but also the potential for it to sell. The more polished and professional your manuscript is the higher your chance for success. Whether you have just started writing your novel or memoir, are seeking an agent or publisher, or trying to sell more copies on Amazon, your manuscript must hook readers from the very beginning, and hold them all the way through. This class will show writers how to self-edit their manuscript and create a book that will keep agents, editors, and readers turning the page. Topics include the first fifty pages, craft mastery, and common reasons manuscripts are rejected.

Three Things People Attending Will Learn:

· How to hook an agent/reader’s attention
· How to self-edit more effectively
· Overview of the editorial process from an agent’s POV

This is an interactive workshop and handouts will be distributed.

Facilitators: Andrea Hurst
Track: The Business of Writing
Location: TBD
Saturday, June 6, 2020 - 3:20pm to 4:50pm