Alex Dawson

Alex Dawson is full time faculty at Rutgers University, where he teaches creative writing courses geared towards fantasy, folklore, and weird fiction and curates/hosts "Inside the Writers House," a weekly video chat with authors from all over the world. He also helms a fantasy fiction winter workshop/retreat in Ireland and Scotland with authors Dave Rudden (12 Angels Weeping) and Lev Grossman (The Magicians). Until 2012, Dawson was the owner of The Raconteur, a now-defunct bookshop and performance venue hailed by The New York TimesThe GuardianThe Huffington Post, and The Star Ledger. Dawson's sci-fi live show/podcast Parker Highland Always Wins has been called "Buckaroo Banzai by way of Buffy." His forthcoming memoir, Room to Swing an Axe, about growing up in 80's Alabama, has been called "a Johnny Cash song directed by Steven Spielberg," and his novel, Welcome to White Hart, has been called "Charlotte's Web meets Winter's Bone." Both books are due out this summer. Dawson has been a bouncer and a bartender in some of the roughest joints in NJ and has ridden a motorcycle for almost forty years.